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Hi, I'm Jamie.

Jamie Brooker - Design, Art Direction and Strategy I’m an interaction designer. I’m fascinated by all things that involve human interaction. Whether in the digital or the physical world. Or combining the two!

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We Are Human UPDATE: I have recently set up We Are Human with my business partner Johan Brand, a strategic & creative consultancy. Find out more here.

NOTE: All work on this site is from the period 2005 - 2009 during my time at Playgroup. For more recent work, visit the We Are Human website .

SKILLS: Interaction design / Brand strategy / Concept development / Service design / Visual design / Art Direction / UX / IA / Animation / Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / HTML / CSS / Omni Graffle / After Effects / Final Cut Pro
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MORE WORK: Unfortunately due to "legal issues" I have had to remove some work from my site. Please contact me to see more!

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Posted in Blog. on 1 July 2010

Travelling down the East coast of South America

And so to the final leg of the journey, and one which has given some of the biggest highlights of my trip to date. After leaving Quito (and an unfortunate meeting with those bastards who were in my dorm in Loki in La Paz that I ranted about 2 blogs ago at Quito airport, and an annoying $45 departure tax) I arrived in B ... Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 15 May 2010

Travelling up the West coast of South America

This has been the longest stretch of time I have gone without a blog since I’ve been away, so it’s gonna be another long one! It’s been a full on 6 weeks that have flown by, which have involved a mixture of visiting ruins (after ruins, after ruins), Spanish colonial towns, chilling on the beach, bird ... Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 27 March 2010

Earthquakes, Right Said Fred, tear gas and salt

Ok, so, I´ve been in South America for almost 3 weeks now. My next 6 weeks will be spent in the mountains through Peru and Ecuador, so I thought now would be a good time to post some thoughts on my time here so far. I´ve noticed a formula to my posts to date, which I´m going to break by not giving a beard update (I ... Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 5 March 2010

The many different sides to Asia…and some of ...

Ok, so I’ll get the customary beard observations out of the way from the start. Firstly, I’ve noticed the more exposure to sun it gets, the more ginger it becomes. Secondly, apparently along with my hair style (which is in desperate need of a trim), and dress sense, I look like “Caleb”. The lea ... Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 6 February 2010

From China to South East Asia

I have a feeling this is going to be a long one, hopefully it won’t bore you all too much. It’s been a busy time since the last post (with the majority of it seemingly spent on uncomfortable buses!). I have also noticed a pattern – the beard got a trim this morning, the last time that happened I wrote ... Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 19 January 2010

Doing the touristy bit

Unfortunately, it looks like this may be a photo free blog because Flickr appears to not be working. Those bastard Chinese officials have meant I haven’t checked Facebook properly in 3 weeks (apologies if there are any messages waiting for me to reply to), have only intermittently updated Twitter, and now can ... Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 7 January 2010

1st week, 1st McDonalds, 1st car crash

So here I am, a week and a half in, and I felt it was time to use this website that I rushed to finish before I left. It’s been an eventful time of limited sightseeing, boozing, catching up, wandering and generally just taking in some Chinese culture. The flight over was pretty uneventful, apart from a slight mo ... Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I had a few moments, and thought to myself “I won’t touch PhotoShop for 6 months!”. So I quickly made this. Given that I use it pretty much every day usually, in my job and personal projects, I think I’m going to miss it. Merry Christmas! Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 24 December 2009

Blogging from the iphone

Isn’t technology amazing? I’m writing this from in my bed on my iPhone. Hopefully this will help beat the Chinese anti social media police! Ps – the picture is from the Modest Mouse gig at Shephards Bush empire last week. Does anyone know how to get the uploaded picture to be the main picture of the b ... Read more.

Posted in Blog. on 18 December 2009

The travelling plan

A month travelling to various parts of China, visiting Mr Hargreaves in the process. A month in South East Asia, taking in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. 2 weeks in Australia, visiting my bro in Sydney, Auntie in Brisbane and grandparents in Noosa. 3 and a half months in South America, starting in Chile, learning Spanis ... Read more.

And, some more work.

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