Tate – The Great British Art Debate

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Tate (alongside several other galleries) approached us to pitch for ‘The Great British Art Debate’. They wanted a website that would last 4 years in the build up to the 2012 Olympics and beyond, that engaged Brits and foreigners of varying age ranges into conversation, debate and questioning about British identity and the place of art in British culture.

The concept centres around an ‘opinion wall’, that aggregates user’s opinions to key questions (editorially driven by Tate) into one place. It gives the user’s ownership to the website, by allowing them to become advocates for debate, and to contribute to it in varying levels of input (video, imagery, audio, text or quick answer).

Content is pulled in from various social media platforms, and pushed the other way from WordPress. User’s can engage with each other through Facebook Connect or Login with Twitter. They are also encouraged to start conversation by uploading their own debates.

I wrote up the concept, sketched the ideas, and presented them in the pitch. Unfortunately, due to a previous relationship with the winning agency, we lost. But I feel that this is a strong concept, that hopefully through the sketches and ideas shows how I like to work.

Tate - The Great British Art Debate home wireframes
Tate - The Great British Art Debate question wireframes
Tate - The Great British Art Debate question wireframes

Jamie Brooker - Design, Art Direction and Strategy