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Posted in Work. on August 18, 2010

London Digital Week: The role of play in engaging ...

As part of London Digital Week in the summer of 2009, myself and 3 colleagues from Playgroup presented a talk and facilitated a discussion on “The role of play in engaging a youth market”, based on some of the methodologies and principals we had developed into our processes and ... Continue Reading

Posted in Work. on November 26, 2009 v2

One of my final jobs at Playgroup was to re-design their website, with the aim of representing the company philosophy and brand values online, as it moved into the next phase in it’s evolution. Playgroup’s mantra is “creativity through play”. The individual personalities, skills an ... Continue Reading

Posted in Work. on November 22, 2009 v1

View the website here. Playgroup launched officially in early 2008, and needed a website that matched it’s ethos of a playful, open, genuine, honest and expert driven creative company. What better way than to give the experts (the employees) ownership of the website? This happened by cen ... Continue Reading

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